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Personell Payroll services wholly comply with all HMRC guidelines towards PAYE

Employ E one of the major Pay-day to Pay-day umbrella companies offering Travel and Subsidence allowances to temps has gone into Administration owing the tax man over £58m in unpaid taxes. This follows on from Legitas another major player and part of the same group going into liquidation. Employ E acted for payroll services for over 60,000 temporary staff via numerous number of agencies. This follows on from an inspection by the HMRC and will be the beginning of the end for the many agencies currently using the Pay-day to Pay-day systems. The implications are far reaching for the industry and will hopefully bring about a massive change in the practice of the participating agencies resulting in companies currently using these agencies having to increase their rates to the market average rather than the false current rates of present. How far the HMRC are willing to go with this is down to legislation but obviously the agencies employing the services of these payroll companies and the temps they employ will ultimately be responsible for the shortfall of unpaid tax. This is development is something the majority of companies within the Recruitment Industry welcome and will hopefully see the collapse of a lot of the current agencies who have been acting illegally using these payment methods and the beginning of the end of this practice.

Let me guarantee you that at the Personell Solutions Group we ensure that we wholly comply with all HMRC guidelines towards PAYE and was one of the agencies selected as a guinea pig by the HMRC to test the new real-time posting of returns 3 months before they were rolled out to the rest of Industry.

If you are looking for a payroll company that you can rely on to keep you on the right side of the HMRC then you need look no further than Personell Payroll Services who offer a tailor-made service to suit your circumstances and budget and also having the benefit of being fully compliant to the new real-time systems. Call today for further information.

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